book cover gallery

26 Apr


this is from a book cover designers blog and the gallery grabbed my attention i like the look of the gallery as a whole and the presentation of each respective cover is sharp and clear.


25 Apr

this blog while not helpful with the display side of marketing books it gives good insight into making your books stand out visually on sites like amazon where books can easily be overlooked due to the sheer volume of products available.


25 Apr

while this is marketing advice for a library to promote its books i think the advice would be pertinent to the display of book covers from the designers point of view as they are promoting their designs.


24 Apr

I came across this site too late for the design process but i think its a fascinating site and the author of the site is doing important work in scanning and cataloging vintage dust jackets, as they’re usually the first things to get lost, important parts of publishing and book design history are disappearing forever, and while contemporary books wont have this problem due to mass production and the ability to store all these designs digitally i think the fact that this site is more than likely the only record of these beautiful pieces of art makes it an important source for designers and anyone with an interest in history or publishing.

23 Apr






As i mentioned in the previous post this blog was mainly about interior design but i think as the above photos will show that the displays are well considered and aesthetically pleasing.


23 Apr

this link is for an interior design blog but it has really pretty and inspirational ways of displaying books wouldnt exactly be useful for showing the covers of books but is a good for getting ideas. 

book display

19 Apr















this blog shows some really nice ideas for creating a visually appealing way of photographing books