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20 Feb

nice resource of beautifully done book covers

17 Feb






these are the finished drafts of my book covers. i changed the orientation of the title on the spines of each book and added the authors name as it was pointed out to me that the books are stacked in the library by authors name (duh) something i completely overlooked. i also added the authors picture the penguin logo and the thumb print on the flap in each titles respective colour which i think ties them together as a series nicely and would look well together on a book shelf. i think each image is visually interesting and would prompt you to read more to get the story behind each cover the consistency of the smaller elements also works well as any differences would look odd if they were meant to be viewed as a series

15 Feb


this is the cover for the little sister i chose to use a girls face as the graphic image as the eponymous sister is a very important element of the story and the visual ties in with the title, i chose a ‘god save the queen’ style play on the female face as the character isnt everything she appears to be and i think it makes for an intriguing and interesting visual. the colour i chose is pink for obvious reasons but i chose a dusty shade as the story has sinister elements.

13 Feb


this is the first screen draft of farewell my lovely, i used the same technique throughout, writing down any iconic or important elements throughout the story and creating picking one to create a striking single image. i chose a key attatched to a necklace as a rare necklace goes missing in the book but it is merely an aside from the main story but all interlocks together in the end. i think the visual is simple but clever, but the typefaces will have to be changed and the text placement is wrong.

6 Feb


this is the playback book cover. its starting to take shape but the fonts will need to be replaced and there are a few elements missing but its almost there.

4 Feb


i was origionally going to do a purely typographical cover for playback but i didnt think it would fit as part of the series of books so after working through the main themes and iconic plot points in the story i chose to do a map based graphic as its the only book in this series that has a large portion set somewhere other than L.A.