Archive | January, 2013
24 Jan


the cover is nearly there the place holder fonts need to be replaced and the layout of the text will have to be changed.

21 Jan



these skulls are more refined and cleaner. the skull with the sketching and shading would not fit in with the stark outlined images i have in mind for the set of books the wire frame skull is exactly the visual im aiming for.

17 Jan


this is just from messing around with my sketches in photoshop. i like the blue for use as the main colour for the big sleep. the colour is very emotive and gives the sense of sadness and loss that would be assosiated with death.


14 Jan


sketches for cover of the big sleep after working through ideas on a mind map i really liked the idea of the skull visual as a stand alone image for the cover of the big sleep, i think it ties in well as ‘the big sleep’ is a metaphor for death.

13=01=13 post

13 Jan


the cover is starting to take shape now a few more tweaks required before its finished though.


8 Jan


completely changed the direction i was going with the high window, i chose the orange shade as its reminiscent of the colour of whiskey and drinking features heavily in the novel. i chose to do a downward perspective view of an apartment block as it gives a sense of depth and creates an interesting visual effect, also it ties in with the title.


7 Jan


this is the first draft for the high window i like the window graphic but the background colour isnt strong at all.