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29 Dec

this is a list of cool minimalist poster designs. i know its not book covers but its still the task of condensing a story into one effective and clever image and is a good source of inspiration for me as im aiming for a striking but simple design.


20 Dec

this is an interesting site i came across while researching amateur book designer’s work. the feedback is really helpful and as soon as you read what errors were made they become apparent straight away.

19 Dec







these are some of the typefaces i was looking at when researching what font i wanted for my book covers. i think they all work well as they’re legible, fit well with the era of the book and are interesting without being fussy. i will have to see which looks best on each of the respective covers though.

12 Dec

Here’s a top twenty of iconic book covers some designers work appears more than once on the list such as Neil Fujita and Paul Bacon.

11 Dec

These are some covers of various publications illustrated by Norman Saunders, another illustror associated with pulp magazines. The typefaces chosen work really well with each respective cover. and the styles differ slightly in each one to suit the individual story.

11 Dec

I started researching pulp magazine covers and came across some really interesting cover art illustrators.At the time the covers were important enough to sales that sometimes they would be designed first, authors would then be shown the cover art and asked to write a story to match. one of these artists was Earle Bergey:

Earle Bergey was an American illustrator who painted cover art for a wide range of magazines and paperback books. Today Bergey is best recognized for creating the iconic cover of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for Popular Library at the height of his career in 1948. His eye-catching paintings were predominately featured as covers on a wide array of pulp magazines, including romance as well as detective, adventure, aviation, and westerns. His style is really cool and would perfectly suit the detective genre.

11 Dec




Here are a few Dick Tracy comic covers that have really cool imagery and are in the same vein style-wise as what im trying to achieve visually with my book covers.